Scorpion - By Textron Aviation

700 lbs Dry PGM and GP

Outboard 1 / 6

950 lbs Dry PGM and GP

Center 2 / 5

1,450 lbs Wet PGM and GP

Inboard 3 / 4

Hardpoints and External Payloads

Scorpion’s six external hard points can carry up to a total of 6,200 pounds of ordnance in a variety of configurations to meet mission needs. The inboard stations (3/4) are also plumbed for additional external fuel tanks to extend operational reach. MIL-STD-1760 connections and NATO standard 14-inch lug ejector racks can interface with a wide range of international weapons.


Scorpion is powered by two turbofan engines that together produce approximately 8,000 pounds of thrust. The engines are controlled by a proven and reliable Digital Control and supply conditioned bleed air to the pneumatic system. Accessories mounted on the engine gearbox power redundant electrical and hydraulic systems.

The engines can operate on Jet-A, JP-5 and JP-8 jet fuels.

Hardpoint Payload Options

Guided and Unguided
Aided Inertial Weapon
Infrared Air-to-Air Missile
Laser Guided Missile
Scaled Munitions