Bell 429

Range at VLRC

411 nm | 761 km

Max Cruise

150 kts | 278 km/h



Cabin Floor Area

204 ft³ / 25.78 m³

Cargo Hook Capacity

3,000 lbs / 1,361 kg

Standard Fuel

217 US gal / 821 litres

Fast and comfortable

A smooth, quiet flight, perfect for working or relaxing. A large cabin that allows you to customize your style. Optional retreat landing home for a convenient taxi. The Bell 429 is designed for your comfort in mind.


Suite Sized Cabin

Large adjustable cabin with up to six club seats. Interior styles to suit your taste. The widest cab in its class means no one needs to push themselves.

Intuitive Displays

View the most important flight information at every step. BasixPro software performs the calculations and the smart display immediately shows everything you need to know.

Precise Visual Tools

Handle each landing with satellite-based guidance systems that will give you an accurate view of your path. Now your aircraft can help you get to the most difficult situations, be it a 9-degree approach or a low ceiling of 75 meters.

High-Performance Engines

With this incredible horsepower, you will achieve victory. Fly from the ground or from an elevated helipad and power through hot and high conditions.

Wheeled Landing Gear

Small landing space? The optional retractable wheeled chassis allows you to take a taxi comfortably and quickly to the location you describe, whether it’s the angle of a helipad or a yacht. And when flying, less resistance means more speed and less effort.

Clamshell Doors

A wide rear door for easy cargo or passenger loading. Easily and efficiently install waste or troublesome loads through these doors, because of every moment in emergency matters.


  • Max Cruise
    150 kts | 278 km/h
  • The range at VLRC
    411 nm | 761 km
  • Max Endurance
    4.5 hrs

* Max GW, ISA, Std fuel – no reserve, at 4000 ft / 1219 m

  • Aux Fuel (Optional)
    39 US gal / 148 liters
  • Aft Baggage Compartment Volume
    74 ft³ / 2.1 m³
  • Cabin Floor Area**
    204 ft³ / 25.78 m³
  • Cargo Hook Capacity
    3,000 lbs / 1,361 kg
  • Empty Weight – (Base Aircraft)
    4,465 lbs / 2,025 kg
  • Max Gross Weight (External Load)
    8,000 lbs / 3,629 kg
  • Max Gross Weight (internal)
    7,000 lbs / 3,175 kg
  • Maximum Seating
    1 + 7
  • Standard Fuel
    217 US gal / 821 litres
  • Standard Seating
    1 + 7
  • Useful Load (Internal, Base Configuration)
    2,535 lbs / 1,150 kg

** Total contiguous area, including baggage compartment. Does not include a copilot volume of 28 ft³/0.8 m³

Garmin GTN-650/750 The Garmin GTN-750/650 system provides intuitive touchscreen controls, and the large, six-inch GTN-750 display provides unprecedented access to Navigation/Communication/GPS-WAAS functions, including:

  • Graphical flight planning capability with touchscreen waypoint entry or sequence modification;
  • High-resolution terrain mapping, including optional Internal TAWS-B terrain alerting;
  • Garmin GTX-33H ES transponder with extended squitter provides ADS-B out traffic display capability;
  • Two VHF communication transceivers with 10-watt standard or 16-watt optional transmitting power, and 8.33 or 25 kHz channel spacing;
  • Geo-referenced charting;
  • GPS TSO’d to C146C, authorized to C146, authorized for Class 1, 2, and 3 Localizer Precision with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches;
  • Multiple weather options where the supporting weather reporting/advisory infrastructure is available.
  • Max Continuous
    2 × 586 shp / 2 × 437 kW
  • Takeoff
    2 × 598 shp / 2 × 446 kW