Bell 407

Range at VLRC

337 nm | 624 km

Max Cruise

133 kts | 246 km/h



Hover Ceiling IGE


Cargo Hook Capacity

3,100 lbs / 1,406 kg

Hover Ceiling OGE


Advanced Flight, Unexcelled Cost

IFR certified platform with more than six million certified international flight hours, ready to manage your work.


Precise Flight Pulselite ®

Reduce bird strikes and improve aircraft visibility while flying with Precise Flight Pulselite® as standard equipment on each new Bell 407 GXi and aftermarket offering, the system changes the arrival lights and taxi light to indicate the presence of aircraft to other air traffic and chase away birds.

IFR Capable

Go to the sky despite the low clouds and complete the whole important mission. An accessible solution to getting your plane through cloudy weather where it is needed.

High-tech Displays

See important information as it unfolds. With high-resolution LED screens, readability and clarity are never a problem – even in sunlight. The latest and greatest processors allow faster and more responsive information to prepare the pilot for each scenario.

Custom Cabin Space

Easy passenger, fast loading, and capacity for six passengers. The widest cabin door in its class and more than 100 cubic feet of flexible passenger space. Easy to move where you need.

Power You Can Count On

Built for strength, ready for anything. Use our Rolls Royce engine, dual-channel FADEC, and auto lighting features in complete comfort, knowing you have the best tools to go.

Low Cost of Ownership

Buy composite rotor blades with no life limit. By keeping an eye on your health and usage, you can find out what’s going on indoors and out. Our real-time maintenance updates keep you on the air at the best prices.


  • Hover Ceiling IGE
  • Hover Ceiling OGE
  • Max Cruise
    133 kts | 246 km/h
  • The range at VLRC
    337 nm | 624 km
  • Max Endurance
    4.0 hrs

*Std Max GW, ISA, Std. fuel – no reserve, at sea level

  • Standard Seating
  • Standard Fuel
    127.8 US gal / 482.8 liters
  • Aux Fuel
    19 US gal / 71.9 liters
  • Cabin Volume**
  • Aft Baggage Compartment Volume
    16 ft3 / 0.5 m3
  • Empty Weight – (Base 407GXi Aircraft)
    2,700 lbs / 1,224 kg
  • Max Gross Weight (Internal, Standard)
    5,000 lbs / 2,268 kg
  • Max Gross Weight Internal – Optional
    5,250lb / 2,381 kg
  • Max Gross Weight (External Load)
    6,000 lbs / 2,722 kg
  • Useful Load – Internal -Standard – Base 407GXi -Specification
    2,300 lbs / 1,043 kg
  • Useful Load (Internal, Optional, Base 407GXi)
    2,550 lbs / 1,156 kg

Cargo Hook Capacity
3,100 lbs / 1,406 kg

  • Takeoff
    862 SHP / 643 kW
  • Max Continuous
    761 SHP / 567 k


Rolls-Royce Model 250-C47E/4 turboshaft engine with dual digital FADEC.

Enhanced pilot awareness with the GARMIN G1000H® NXi G1000H® NXi integrated Flight Deck with synthetic vision and terrain avoidance warning.

  • Wireless connectivity with Flight Stream 510 allows pilots to quickly sync flight plans and upload databases from smart devices
  • The moving map can be displayed on HSI freeing up the MFD for flight planning and other uses
  • Multi-Pane MFD capability for the pilot selectable display of 2 simultaneous page views on the MFD
  • Power Situation Indicator (Single Indicator for Quick Pilot Monitoring)
  • Fuel Flow Indication and Range Ring mapping
  • Tail Rotor Camera (Display on MFD)
  • Additional features and options include: WireAware, ADS-B out and in, Radar Altimeter, TAS/TCAS I Traffic, and XM Weather