Bell 525

Max Range

580 nm | 1,074 km

Max Cruise

160 kts | 296 km/h



Passenger Cabin Floor Area

88 sq. ft / 8.2 sq. m

External Useful Load

2,295 lbs / 1,041 kg

Standard Fuel

641 US gal / 2,426 litres

The Best Design

Set a new flight pattern with this new 21st century aircraft. Flexible cabin layouts. Flyaway possibility for one engine. Superior payload and range performance. And exceptional visibility – all meet and exceed industry standards.


Cost Benefits For Depreciation

With the minimum maintenance cost per Flight hours in its class. you get the best operating cost value while still benefiting from a modern 21st-century aircraft.

Long Range With High Payload.

When working abroad or far away, use an aircraft that can take you there. Take the best options and payload to complete all your missions.

Pilot Workload Simplicity

Make sure to tackle your hardest mission certainty. The world’s first triple-redundant fly-by-wire to hit the north take on a lot of responsibility, with standard stability, so you can fly with maximum control and minimal tension

State-Of-The-Art Cockpit

The Garmin G5000 sets a new standard for precise control. Four high-definition screens. Two touch screen controls. And all the flight information a pilot needs to control any environment.

Marinization Comes Standard

Save costs and keep flying your plane. Our standard aircraft include marinating, which prevents corrosion even under the most severe operating conditions.

Diverse Seating Options

The spacious cabin has been reconfigured for your seating needs. And a fully flat and flexible floor allows you to remove and rearrange them for transport to businesses or for oil and gas. So your mission runs smoothly and your passengers fly comfortably.


  • Hover Ceiling IGE**
    10,700 ft / 3,261 m
  • Hover Ceiling OGE
    8,100 ft / 2,469 m
  • Max Cruise
    160 kts | 296 km/h
  • Max Range*
    580 nm | 1,074 km

*Max GW, Sea Level, ISA, standard fuel, no reserves, VLRC

**Max GW, ISA day

  • Aft Baggage Compartment Volume
    128 ft³ / 3.6 m³
  • High-Density Seating
    2 + 20
  • Passenger Cabin Floor Area
    88 sq. ft / 8.2 sq. m
  • Passenger Cabin Floor Area
    54 in / 137 cm
  • Standard Fuel
    641 US gal / 2,426 litres
  • Standard Seating
    2 + 16

Garmin G5000H® avionics incorporating the first touchscreen glass flight deck designed for helicopters.

  • Max Continuous
    1,714 SHP / 1,278 kW
  • Takeoff
    1,979 SHP / 1,476 kW

Two General Electric CT7-2F1 gas turbo-shaft engines with dual FADEC