Falcon 7x

Yardstick for the modern business jets

Executive Cabin Space

Innovative Digital Flight Control System

The Yardstick for the modern business jets.

Crafted to be the revolution in the aircraft industry, Falcon 7X is the new standard for business family jets. From its inception to its execution, the Falcon 7X is in its own class. Boosting the first Digital Flight Flight Control System it is the leader in the sky. Benefiting from 30 years of military experience, especially from the Rafale and Mirage 2000 programs the Falcon 7X is highly regarded as the best in the business.

Spacious Cabins

The Falcon 7X offers a cabin space that has never been experienced before. Whether it’s the height or width, the executive level suite of the Falcon 7X provides comfort and space to spare. With three spacious lounges, 28 large windows, and advanced acoustic technology that makes the Falcon 7X as calm as a lake.  

Alongside the spacious cabins, the Falcon 7X offers a superior environmental system. Enjoy comfortable cabin pressure even at high altitudes as 41,000 ft. Constant control of temperature, humidity, and cabin pressure at optimum values to provide a flight experience that you will not forget soon.

Elegance along Performance

Falcon 7X is proud to be the most technologically advanced business jet in the world. A sleek design, comfortable spaces, improved pilot and passenger cabins make the Falcon 7X stand above all else. Whether you want to travel long-distance or short. The Falcon 7X is the perfect companion.


76.70 ft

25.67 ft

86.00 ft

Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage)
39.07 ft

Maximum headroom
74.00 in

Maximum width
92.00 in

Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage)
1,552.00 cu ft

Maximum takeoff weight
70,000 lb

Maximum zero fuel weight
41,000 lb

Maximum fuel
31,940 lb

Maximum landing weight
62,400 lb


P&W Canada

3 x PW307A

SL-ISA Thrust
6,402 lb

Flat rated to